Snazziness for Shoes

Shoes can be given a new look in an instant by simply adding shoe clips to them. Karen Robertson of ShoeClips.Biz was inspired to design a snazzy range of shoe clips after she received a box of vintage shoe clips as a gift.

At ShoeClips.Biz, there are many styles to choose from. You'll find rhinestones, flowers, bows and more, as well as unused original shoe clips that were previously stored in warehouses. Each clip is metal, hinged and detachable from shoes. Adhesive padding is included with each pair of clips and can be applied (if need be) to the underside of clips where they touch your feet.

Congratulations to missreneer who is the lucky winner of the ESV Tapestry Bible giveaway sponsored by A Bling and a Prayer! Thank you to all who entered and thank you to A Bling and a Prayer for sponsoring the giveaway!

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone! :)

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  1. Interesting decorations for Christmas trees but I still love the traditional way of decorating:)
    I like the handmade ornaments, all praise and greetings from rainy Croatia, Zondra Art

  2. These shoe clips are a fabulous idea! I hope you're having a lovely week.

  3. What a fantastic idea to give your shoes a new look, and you can change them to match your outfit.
    Jo xx

  4. These shoe clips are so fun! I love the rhinestone bows!!!

  5. Lovely clips. I think I need to buy some, also I might add clips to the back of some big 70s earrings, I think that might work don't you?

  6. Merry Christmas Carla! Have a lovely day. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year! Thanks for being such a good friend.


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