I made this tie from some gorgeous vintage Japanese kimono silk. In addition to wearing it as a necktie, I wear it as a waist tie and a hair tie.

My fave way to wear neck ties is loosened as above and tied in a Four-in-Hand Knot with various tops/blouses/t shirts.

The Four-in-Hand Knot
Diagram from Tieknot.com

Until next time dear ones... :)

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My Butler

Yes, I have a butler. A Handbag Butler - a nifty foldable hanger that attaches to table tops allowing you to keep your bag off the floor or your lap when at cafes, restaurants or meetings.

The Handbag Butler has non-slip backing, can hold up to 7 kilograms (15.4 pounds), and is available in many fabulous designs. Included with the Handbag Butler is a cute little storage purse along with a nice box.


Aussie readers: you can also find the Handbag Butler at Myer in-store or online.

My Handbag Butler is the Sakura design from the Japanese Paper Collection featuring traditional Japanese designs (I love traditional Japanese designs on paper and fabric). My handbag is a vintage Oroton mesh bag, a lucky thrift shop find!

Next week I'll show you something I made from vintage Japanese Kimono silk.

Hope you are all enjoying your week ! See you next week! :)

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