Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas my dears! Here's a charming antique Victorian Christmas card for you, from my collection, with a sweet verse on the back. Click on the images to enlarge them and then right click and save.

The verse on the back reads:

A Happy Christmas

This pretty little maiden
(Fit emblem of the Spring)
Now comes with flowers laden,
My Christmas wish to bring.

She lightly trips to meet you
With graceful mirth and glee;
And thus her accents greet you;
"Bright may your Christmas be".

Thank you so much for visiting me here at Favourite Vintage Finds this year. See you next year! :)

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Festively Flavoured

The etsy seller whose Delish Kitchenalia I featured here last week is Maria from the fox and the spoon.

The vintage egg cups above, and the vintage embroidered poinsettia tablecloth and napkins below are recent delish purchases of mine from Maria, all subtly Christmassy. Back in May this year I also featured my lovely vintage flower picking basket here that I purchased from Maria.

There's lots of vintage homewares and other vintage items at the fox and the spoon that would make great Christmas gifts. I must say that Maria's blog, quince jam, where she shares her cooking and her vintage finds, is also delish. :)

All photos by Maria

Wishing you a joy filled rest of the week my dears! See you next week! :)

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Delish Kitchenalia

From the kitchen of an Etsy seller who sells vintage homewares and other vintage items. Above is one of her favourite spots in her kitchen, atop the fridge. Next week you'll find out who this seller is, and I'll share some items I recently purchased from her.

These suitcases are used to store cookbooks, what a great idea! And below, two examples of the treats that are made in this kitchen.

Enjoy the rest of the week all! See you next week! :)

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Old Fashioned Florals to Wear

The owner of the fabulous creative space featured in last week's post is Paula from Wychbury. Paula creates fashion accessories inspired by nature and history. Also from Wychbury, Lesley creates jewellery inspired too by nature and history. All the items from Wychbury are romantically nostalgic and make great Christmas gifts.

The Johhny Jump Up hair pin above is a custom pin I asked Paula to make for me. Love it! The poppy hair pin below is another pin made by Paula that I also purchased. Love it too!

This is one of Lesley's Secret Garden Necklaces with bluebells. I have one of these on order. Mine will have some different colours to this one. I'm sure I'll love it and will be sharing it here of course.

And this is the lovely Christmas packaging for the December orders of carded items from the Wychbury Etsy shop.

Happy rest of the week dear ones! See you next week. :)

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