Blossom and Cat

Continuing on from last week's post...

Helen is the talent behind the label Blossom and Cat. The lovelies at Blossom and Cat are designed by Helen and handmade by Helen or you from a mixture of new, vintage and pre-loved fabrics, buttons and trimmings. Yes, the lovelies can be handmade by you as sewing kits are available for many of Helen's designs.

Sewing kits include a step-by-step instruction booklet, full size pattern sheet, a mixture of new, vintage and pre-loved fabrics, buttons and trimmings, as well as thread. Helen, formerly a graphic designer, also created her lovely website:

Custom, wholesale and international orders are welcome.

Enjoy the rest of the week all! See you next week! :)

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Their Song Birds

Handmade by a wife for her husband, this fabulous origami crane mobile was indeed a meaningful gift for the couple's first wedding anniversary (traditionally known as the paper anniversary). The couple I'm referring to are Helen and David - the gorgeous couple whose gorgeous swoon-worthy wedding I featured here last year - A Sydney Beach Wedding.

At Helen and David's wedding "The Way You Look Tonight" was the song that played for their first dance as a married couple. To create the cranes Helen used vintage "The Way You Look Tonight" sheet music. Helen also added some vintage glass beads left over from the wedding decorations to the mobile.

Helen and David wedding dance photo by Marzena Wasilewska

Creating the decorations and favours at her wedding reignited Helen's creative side, and she now has her own label of handmade lovelies. Next week I'll be featuring some of the handmade lovelies from Helen's range.

Hope you're all travelling well this week my dears! See you next week! :)

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I recently purchased this simply lovely vintage flower picking basket from the fox and the spoon. I've visualized myself with a basket like this one for quite some time in my flower picking daydreams in expansive cottage gardens, wildflower-laden meadows, and along sun-dappled woodland paths...

Anyway in real life I'm mainly going to use this basket as a display and put some silk flowers in it. And I'm still going to keep daydreaming about picking flowers in the above mentioned places...

If you pick flowers in your daydreams too, you're welcome to take this basket along with you...

Photos by the fox and the spoon

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo Da Vinci

Enjoy the rest of your week all! See you next week! :)

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A Gem I Know

Here is one of my favourite 50's photos of my gem of a Mum. On the day this photo was taken Mum had her silhouette done by well-known scissor artist S. John Ross. And here is the elegant silhouette:

(click image to enlarge)

You can read more about S. John Ross in one of my favourite previous posts - Silhouetted To a Tee.

Wishing all Mum's a Happy Mother's Day!

See you next week my dears. :)

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