Merry Christmas

Well my dears, it's time for me to say ta ta for 2010. Shall leave you with some more angel loveliness. This antique post card from my collection was sent from the USA to England in 1908. Click on the picture to enlarge it and right click and save.

Thank you for popping in and visiting me here at Favourite Vintage Finds this year, your support is immensely appreciated! I know I said I would give away another vintage butterfly pendant before the end of this year but will do so next year.

Congratulations to the ten lucky winners of the angel ornaments giveaway! The winners are: Maureen, Jo Wyrosdick, Leslie, Cerise, Sky Princess, TopHat, Jammie, CerenaLeigh, eclairre, and Jasmine1485! I drew the prizes in the order that they appear in the giveaway post. Thank you to all who entered!

Thank you to Allie from Allie's Adornments for organizing the giveaway and for providing the ten antique porcelain dolls and two ornaments for the giveaway! Thank you also to the other sponsors: Maid of Clay, Ohmay, SandySimone, Tresijas, TresLocas, 2Dy4, and Vision Quest!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! See you in the new year! :)

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  1. Merry Christmas to you too Carla. Love reading your blog, here's to a great 2011. Take care!

    Pam x

  2. Merry Christmas dear Carla!
    Kisses, Zondra Art

  3. Congratulations to the winners ~ such lovely treats!

    Thank you for your beautiful blog and your support, dear Carla. Merry Christmas and here's to a blessed and happy 2011. And big hugs to you-know-who. :)

  4. Congratulations to the angel winners! They were all adorable:)
    Thank you Carla for being an angel of a giveaway host and a most blessed Merry Christmas to you. See ya next year luv:)

  5. I just like to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving many lovely comments.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog throughout the year and hope to enjoy many more in the new year, Tamara x

  6. Happy Holidays Carla! Thank you for your kind words on my blog. ~Val

  7. Merry Christmas Carla,
    I am so happy to know you!
    Peace and Love, Camille

  8. Have a wonderful Christmas and New year.
    Jo xx

  9. Merry Christmas Carla. Always love peeking in on your blog :)


  10. Merry Christmas Carla! What a lovely card. I wish you the best for a peaceful Christmas season and happy and prosperous New Year!


Thank you for visiting and commenting! I love to read your comments! :) Best wishes, Carla.