Old Fashioned Florals to Wear

The owner of the fabulous creative space featured in last week's post is Paula from Wychbury. Paula creates fashion accessories inspired by nature and history. Also from Wychbury, Lesley creates jewellery inspired too by nature and history. All the items from Wychbury are romantically nostalgic and make great Christmas gifts.

The Johhny Jump Up hair pin above is a custom pin I asked Paula to make for me. Love it! The poppy hair pin below is another pin made by Paula that I also purchased. Love it too!

This is one of Lesley's Secret Garden Necklaces with bluebells. I have one of these on order. Mine will have some different colours to this one. I'm sure I'll love it and will be sharing it here of course.

And this is the lovely Christmas packaging for the December orders of carded items from the Wychbury Etsy shop.

Happy rest of the week dear ones! See you next week. :)

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  1. What a sweet and nostalgic feel these pieces have, C. And the packaging is lovely. I hope Paula has a bumper Christmas! Happy weekend to you and you-know-who. x0

  2. What a great idea for hair pins..how sweet! - I am smitten with that necklace too.

  3. How beautiful! The packaging is just gorgeous. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog today. Your kind words meant a lot. I'm really glad you enjoyed my guest post. xx

  4. Hi Carla! Merry December! These clips are just marvellous!!! going to check out this etsy shop as soon as I get a chance!! (bring on Christmas holidays!)

  5. Gorgeous! The packaging is way cool and the hair clips too. Thanks for the link.


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