Silhouetted To a Tee

Silhouette art is so eye-catching! I particularly love silhouette portraits. This elegant portrait of my beautiful Mum (aged 18) was done in 1950 by well-known scissor artist S. John Ross (1919-2008).

Affectionately known as "The Silhouette Man", S. John Ross created thousands of portraits at shows/fairs here in Australia from the late 40's for almost 60 years. In his native country, the USA, he worked at fairs and in Hollywood before moving to Australia. S. John Ross created portraits for many celebrities and famous people including Spencer Tracey, Mikey Rooney, Vivien Leigh, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nicole Kidman and Queen Elizabeth II. He really was a legend!

Custom silhouettes make wonderful keepsakes and heirlooms. I have found two terrific artists on etsy who create custom hand-cut silhouettes from photos...

Peggy at The Vintage Button Jar

And Jenny Lee Fowler. Jenny also creates silhouettes from photos of dogs and cats.

photo from flickr - belladesignteam

I couldn't resist featuring this great collage of vintage and vintage inspired silhouettes!

photo from

Such a stunning display! I couldn't resist featuring this either!

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  1. What a treasure! Your Mother is beautiful and the cabinet featuring the display is absolutely stunning. Love it!

  2. Those silhouettes are the best I've ever seen. Such a great gift.

    Stopping by from SITS

  3. I was just thinking about trying out a silhouette of my oldest daughter. I've never done them, but LOVE them. There must be something in the air about this classic stunning artform.

  4. Al of those are stunning. I love silhouettes!

  5. your mom is stunning! the artist did such a great job capturing her profile =)

  6. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog!
    I'm so honored.
    I love the cutting of your mom...what a treasure.

  7. i love the collage. I never realized how beautiful silhouettes are in their simplicity. Stopping by from Sits.. - I like your blog!

  8. i'm loving all those silhouettes! makes me want to go out and get a bookshelf full :)

  9. wow, i haven't seen these since i was a little girl. SITS hello.

  10. great to see my grandfathers silohettes (Sebastian John Ross) are still admired.
    Sharon wells nee Ross


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