A Gem I Know

Here is one of my favourite 50's photos of my gem of a Mum. On the day this photo was taken Mum had her silhouette done by well-known scissor artist S. John Ross. And here is the elegant silhouette:

(click image to enlarge)

You can read more about S. John Ross in one of my favourite previous posts - Silhouetted To a Tee.

Wishing all Mum's a Happy Mother's Day!

See you next week my dears. :)

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  1. My mum had one of these done in the 60s and hated it I remember seeing it will ask if she still has it.
    I just started reading Shal we dance have you got it yet?

  2. Your mother and silhouette are stunning! Wow. I bet you treasure it, Tam x

  3. Gosh, your mother is beautiful. And how cool is her silhouette! These are treasures. Happy weekend to you and you-know-who...


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