Forgotten Faves

Hello everyone!  Lovely to be back for 2013.  I've been sorting through my stashes of vintage clothing again - working out what I want to keep, give to charity and sell on eBay.   I've found many clothes that I'd kinda forgotten about as they've been squirreled away for many years - for example these two dresses (which I'm keeping).

This 70's dress is 100% cotton and is by Alice Stuart.  It was kindly given to me by an old neighbour of mine 18 years ago when I was 19.  It fitted me perfectly then.  It nearly fits me now...

I bought this 70's matte polyester crepe dress (label removed) about five years ago from a thrift shop.  It was on the discount rack for only a couple or a few dollars.  It didn't fit me at the time, so I squirreled it away.  It fits me now, yay! :)

Until next time.  Best wishes. :)