Rattamatatt Giveaway & Discount

Please Note: This giveaway is now closed

At rattamattat you'll find a range of fabulous vintage inspired clothing and accessories. Kathryn Shaw is the talent behind the label. Here's your chance to win one of Kathryn's fabulous creations. Enter to win this 'Juliet Black Spotted Tulle Shrug' in your size.

Kathryn is also offering a wonderful 30% off everything at rattamatatt to all Favourite Vintage Finds readers for the duration of this giveaway (until March 30, 2012 at 4.30 pm AEST). Here's the discount code to use at checkout: favvintagefinds

This giveaway is open to readers worldwide and ends on March 30, 2012 at 4.30 pm AEST. The winner will be drawn using a random number generator, and notified on March 30, 2012 by 9 pm AEST.

To enter, simply do these 3 things:

1.Visit rattamatatt. Here's the link:

2. Leave me a comment and tell me about your favourite find or finds from rattamatatt. One entry per person.

3. Leave a link in your comment to your blog, profile, or website where I can contact you if you are the winner. Or leave your email address.

Best wishes until next time all! :)

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Kathryn's Faves

Kathryn has her own vintage inspired fashion label, and sells her fabulous creations on etsy. I'll be hosting a giveaway for Kathryn from this Friday, so you'll find out about her shop then. For the duration of the giveaway, Kathryn will also be offering a wonderful 30% off everything in her shop to all Favourite Vintage Finds readers!

Inspired by the 50's, Kathryn loves to create feminine items that reflect her personal style. Here's a taste of Kathryn's personal style - her two favourite vintage finds. Both from the 50's, the dress was found at a vintage fair, and the Amano shoes were found on ebay.

Enjoy your week my dears! See you Friday! :)

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Secret Garden

Come and see my lovely Secret Garden Necklace custom made by Lesley from Wychbury. It features a mix of gemstone and glass flowers, leaves and berries, a brass key, and a long brass chain. The dress I've displayed the necklace on is one of my fave vintage 70's dresses.

Photo 1, by Derek Harper, is not of my place - wish it was!

Hope you're all having a happy week! See you next week! :)

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Vintage Paree for Me

Not so long ago I was walking past one of my local thrift shops on a sunny afternoon. I wasn't intending to go inside until I spotted two fab framed vintage Parisian prints bathed in sunlight in one of the thrift shop's windows...

I went inside to enquire about the prints. The shop assistant told me she was just about to get them out of the sun. Lucky for me she hadn't done so before I came along. I made the prints mine. And because I bought them both I got them for an extra nice price. They are watercolour prints by Herbelot, framed behind glass with black painted wooden frames. I believe they are both from the 50's. Titles are handwritten in pencil below the artwork.

I've never been to Paris but would love to go - I'd definately visit the places depicted in these prints. The first print you see here titled "Paris, Les Bouquinistes quai Montebello" is my favourite of the two. It depicts the book stalls along the Seine River which are still there today and have been there since the mid 1500's. Notre Dame Cathedral is in the background.

"Paris, le Pantheon et le quartier Latin" depicts an area of the Latin Quarter with the Pantheon in the background.

I hadn't heard of Herbelot until I found these prints. I've found a few tidbits of information online about Herbelot. It seems that not much is known about him or her. Apparently he or she created watercolour Parisian scenes between 1940-1960, and prints were sold mainly to tourists during these times.

The lucky winner of the giveaway sponsored by Silver Spoon Creations is Tori! Congrats Tori! Thank you to Silver Spoon Creations for sponsoring the giveaway, and thank you to all who entered!

Happy rest of the week all! See you next week! :)

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