For Auction on Ebay this Sunday - Part 2

In addition to the original vintage 40's Van Dell set, I'll be auctioning these two classic original vintage 50's costume jewellery pieces, at *sensibility* on ebay from this coming Sunday night, August 29 (Aussie time - AEST). My ebay auctions are open to bidders worldwide.

Fabulous vintage bling in near mint condition, rhinestones are a girl's best friend in the case of this rare cuff bangle! It features 21 sparkly rhinestones and 8 leaves. Made with a rich overlay of 14 kt white gold, this cuff bangle is by high quality brand Krementz, which closely resembles fine jewellery and is sought after by collectors.

50's Krementz magazine ad - click to enlarge.

Another 50's high quality bangle - Princess Mara by Marathon. This hinged hollow bangle is 12 kt gold filled. It features dainty etching with flowers and leaves, is in near mint condition, and comes in it's original box.

My next post will be a non-jewellery post, promise! Hope your week is going well my dears! Wishing you all a lovely weekend! See you next week. :)

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For Auction on Ebay this Sunday - Part 1

I'll be auctioning this gorgeous original vintage 40's Van Dell costume jewellery set from this coming Sunday night, August 29 (Aussie time - AEST), at *sensibility* on ebay. Set is rare and comprises necklace, screw back earrings, and cuff bracelet. My ebay auctions are open to bidders worldwide.

Van Dell = high quality, closely resembles fine jewellery, and is sought after by collectors.

Featuring ruby red rhinestones, this set is 12 kt gold filled, is in near mint condition, and comes in it's original box with small fold-out leaflet.

Shall be back here on Thursday with more previews of original vintage 50's jewellery I'm also auctioning on on ebay this coming Sunday night. Ta ta for now. :)

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Midnight Garden & Giveaway Winner

I adore this stunning vintage button ring! It was kindly gifted to me by Allie from Allie's Adornments for hosting a giveaway here for her. Featuring a triple flower design in high relief, the black glass button from the 1800's has a carnival luster finish. Carnival luster has a number of metallic colours. This button has blue, green, orange and reddish/pink colouring. The ring is sterling silver with an easily adjustable open back enabling the perfect fit. Thank you once again Allie!

Allie's unique jewellery handmade from vintage button treasure can be found at:

Thank you also to all who entered my 1 Year Blogoversary Giveaway! Congratulations to lucky L who is the winner of the vintage 40's gold butterfly garnet pendant! I'll be giving away one more sweet delicate vintage butterfly pendant here before the end of the year.

The next giveaway here is being sponsored by a costume jewellery designer whose designs have been featured in many magazines, and are a part of the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

I'm auctioning 2 fabulous Samantha Wills necklaces this coming Sunday night, August 22, (Aussie time - AEST) on ebay. For a preview click HERE.

Wishing you all a happy weekend! :).

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For Auction on Ebay this Sunday

Her jewellery is oh so popular, is worn by celebrities, and featured in SATC2. I'm talking about Australian costume jewellery designer Samantha Wills. I'll be auctioning 2 handmade Samantha Wills necklaces on ebay from this coming Sunday night, August 22, (Aussie time - AEST). My ebay auctions are open to bidders worldwide.

Divine heirloom style Hummingbird Necklace made from pewter with antiqued finish. Image cast in resin.

On the back of the pendant are these lovely words:

Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy & celebration.
The hummingbird's delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal creation has meaning & that laughter is life's sweetest creation...

Samantha Wills

The Hummingbird Necklace comes with this carved wooden box.

Aptly named Wow Factor, this necklace has 2 styles in 1 as it's reversible. One side features faux lapis lazuli jewells and roses, the other side features an antiqued brass shell with one jewell. Chain is antiqued brass.

Stay tuned for previews of gorgeous original 40's/50's jewellery I'll be auctioning on ebay. My ebay name is *sensibility*.

I'll be back here Friday with a feature and to announce the winner of my 1 Year Blogoversary Giveaway which ends on Thursday at 4.30 pm AEST. The prize is a sweet delicate original vintage 40's gold butterfly garnet pendant.

Have a great week all! :)

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Brooching the Subject

I do I do love these Vintage Brooch Bouquets by Amanda Heer from Fantasy Floral Designs! Amanda custom makes each bouquet, and uses 50 to 60 vintage brooches (provided by the bride or non-bride) to create her whimsical works of art. Not only vintage brooches can be used - buttons, cuff links, watches set to the wedding time, charms, rings, earrings and other such items can be added to the mix.

Amanda, a professional floral designer, and a stylist for Romantic Homes Magazine, welcomes orders for Vintage Brooch Bouquets from brides and non-brides worldwide.

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1 Year Blogoversary Giveaway

Please Note: This Giveaway is Now Closed!

Tomorrow marks the one year blogoversary of Favourite Vintage Finds, hooray! I love being a part of the blogosphere, and I hugely appreciate your support and kindness dear bloggy friends, thank you! :)

To celebrate my blogoversary, I'm giving away this sweet delicate vintage 40's gold butterfly pendant. Featuring a natural garnet gemstone, this pendant is silver-gilt (sterling silver coated with a fine layer of gold), and bears the 925 (sterling silver) stamp on the back. It measures 1.2 cm across (half an inch). I purchased a job lot of 16 of these pendants and they set my heart aflutter, they are one of my all time favourite vintage finds. Stored away for decades by their previous owner, they were originally sourced in England.

Last year I gave away two of these pendants here and before the end of this year I will give another one away. I will be auctioning some gorgeous original vintage jewellery on ebay soon...stay tuned there will previews here.

A shout-out to Collette for being my very first follower! Collette collects vintage sheet music, beauty books, cookbooks and homemaking manuals, and she is a clever crafter too. A wonderful range of original vintage sewing and craft patterns can be found at her online shop:

From her etsy shop,, Collette sells a range of vintage goodness including fabric, linens, trims, housewares and collectibles. I've purchased from Collette and recommend her!

Serendipity Handmade
is Collette's articulately written blog where she shares her collections, craft work and has regular giveaways. It will be her 1 year blogoversary this month too, and she is also celebrating with a giveaway soon, so be sure to pop over to Serendipity Handmade and enter.

Now back to my giveaway which is open to readers worldwide.

To Enter
, simply do these 2 things:

1. Leave me a comment. One entry per person.

2. Leave your email address in your comment so I can contact you if you are the winner. Alternatively, leave a link in your comment to your profile, blog or website where I can access your email address from.

This giveaway ends on August 19 2010 at 4.30 pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Comments will be allocated numbers in the order in which they are received. I will use to generate the winning number on August 19 2010 after 4.30 pm AEST. The winner will be notified via email on August 19 2010 by 5.30 pm AEST.

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Happy Banner & Happy Hens

I can't wait for Spring (next month here in Aussie). This delightful fabric banner has provided vintage inspired Springness to my home office since mid April this year thanks to talented crafter Camille from Camille's Creations. I won it in one of her blog giveaways! Kind Camille sent each entrant in the giveaway one of these banners!

And this is my also delightful ceramic hand painted Happy Hen. I named her Euphegenia. My parents bought her back for me from New Zealand 10 years ago. Euphengenia is based on a Silver Grey Dorking, one of the oldest breeds of chooks in the world. I'm a chook girl from way back having grown up with pet chooks. Someday I hope to live somewhere again that is suitable for real chooks. One of my real someday hens will definitely be named Euphegenia too.

You don't have to travel to New Zealand to get Happy Hens which are based on traditional poultry breeds, you can buy them online here:

I'm sure many of you will be happy to know that Happy Hens are available in pink. The following pretty blue-eyed girls are called "Peony Hens."
I'll be back here this Friday with that original vintage sweet delicate something I'm giving away to celebrate my 1 year Blogoversary. While I'm on the subject of giveaways, I recently found out about a great site called Giveaway Scout where a large number of giveaway blogs are automatically scanned, and the site is updated hourly.

See you Friday, Happy week! :)

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