In My Daydreams...

Back in May this year I posted about a vintage flower picking basket I purchased. In that post I also shared that I'm one to daydream about picking flowers in expansive cottage gardens, wildflower-laden meadows, and along sun-dappled woodland paths...

So when I saw this gorgeous Victorian Clark's Spool Cotton trade card on etsy, I had to buy it!

And you can have it too! Click on the card to enlarge it and right click and save it.

Find more vintage postcards from my collection that you can have in my Vintage Postcards for You section.

Until next time my dears..:)

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green bug bags

Featuring some of the repurposed fabulousness by Heather from green bug bags this week. Love the story behind the name green bug bags too.

Heather says:

One of my first loves was a 67 VW beetle. I saw an ad for the car in a local coffee shop and soon it became my green bug. For the next 15 years, it took me everywhere and became part of my identity. I was the girl with the green bug.

Now, my green bug has inevitably become a "less practical" car to drive. Although it might not take me everywhere anymore, I decided to take it with me on a different journey. I created a business that combines my love of art, thrifting, and creativity, and I named it green bug bags. Hope you will be along for the ride!

Heather uses vintage and preloved fabrics to create her bags. All the bags you see in this post have been created using vintage fabrics. The first and fourth bags you see were created using vintage tablecloths.

Find Heather's fabulous bags at:

Wishing you a great rest of the week all! See you next week! :)

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Johnny Jump Up And Kiss Me!

The old fashioned favourite Johnny Jump Up is a favourite flower of mine. This cheery little flower pops up in Spring, and among many other names is also known as Johnny Jump Up And Kiss Me and Heartsease.

Traditionally associated with matters of the heart, this flower was an emblem of love and courtship in Victorian times and for centuries beforehand.

Look at the shape of these flowers, they look like butterflies! :)

Johnny Jump Up flowers are edible too. They add a lovely vintage touch to food and drinks. Here is a delicious example:

"Ultimate Lemon Mousse" served in a vintage Federal Glass custard cup on a vintage Pyrex plate.

Enjoy the rest of the week all! See you next week! :)

Photo 1 from ilovebutter, photo 2 from Tatters, and photo 3 from LilBooBear.

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Fashion Plate

Hooray! Spring is here! Sharing a new vintage thing of mine - it's quirky, it's quaint, and it's quite a Spring thing! This is my Limoges porcelain plate brooch. It was a Buy It Now purchase on eBay.

A big thank you to all who entered my Belated Butterflies Giveaway! Congrats to the two lucky winners Tara and Jess Buckley!

Hope this week is going well for you my dears! See you next week! :)

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