Butterfly Dream

Hello everyone!  Here's a delightful antique post card from the early 1900's from my collection for you.  Click to enlarge and right click and save.

One of the earliest dreams I can remember having as a child was going for a ride on a big butterfly.  So when I found this post card at one of my fave vintage post card shops, CardCow.com, I had to have it.  This card reminds me to stay in touch with my inner child. 

Best wishes until next time, my dears.  :)

P.S. I'll continue with my destash auctions on eBay in September.


  1. Hey Carla, thank you for sharing this gorgeous card! Hope all is well, Tam x

  2. What a wonderful fantasy dream to have had as a child! No wonder you remember it. NO wonder you had to have this card! It's lovely.

  3. We should all take a ride on a giant Flutterby... ♥♥♥

  4. What wonderful sentiment. I don't think my inner child ever went away ;)


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