Two of Georgina's Faves

Georgina is from the lovely blog Perpetual One. Here are two of her favourite vintage finds.

Won at an auction, this charming painting was painted by "Myrla" in 1985.

Georgina sees herself in the little girl standing on the beach, turning back one last time to look at the ocean.

The painting hangs on Georgina's bedroom wall where she likes to look at it when she is resting or reading.

Georgina found this fabulous metal shoe trunk at an antique shop. It's believed to be from the 30's or 40's, and is very rusty from its travels on cruise liners. Inside the trunk there are hand written labels attached to fabric pockets. Georgina's favourite labels says "White Deck Shoes".

All photos by Georgina

Until next time dear ones. :)

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  1. oh I luuuuurve that shoe box- I so want to be the Lady who wears "white deck shoes"!
    Guess I can dream!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog Carla! And I really like this post - nice to talk about what we think of, and how we live with our favorite art. Hope this finds you really well and that you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love the beautiful painting. I;m a big fan of all things vintage. Glad I found you through SITS. :)

  4. That shoe trunk is a find! I love that she's kept the labels inside.

  5. How charming! And the labels in the shoe trunk are the icing on the cake. Lovely finds, C. Happy week to you and you-know-who!

  6. That steamer trunk is amazing...I wonder how many stories it could tell?

  7. I love that painting, really soothing!! Thanks for stopping by Bee Wise. The store is a dream come true, I love it there.

  8. Sigh... why are we not still living in an era where we have a trunk just for our shoes... WHY???

  9. Oh, the trunk is a stellar! I love vintage too.


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