Kathryn's Faves

Kathryn has her own vintage inspired fashion label, and sells her fabulous creations on etsy. I'll be hosting a giveaway for Kathryn from this Friday, so you'll find out about her shop then. For the duration of the giveaway, Kathryn will also be offering a wonderful 30% off everything in her shop to all Favourite Vintage Finds readers!

Inspired by the 50's, Kathryn loves to create feminine items that reflect her personal style. Here's a taste of Kathryn's personal style - her two favourite vintage finds. Both from the 50's, the dress was found at a vintage fair, and the Amano shoes were found on ebay.

Enjoy your week my dears! See you Friday! :)

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  1. Lord above... those shoes are illegally cool!

  2. A first I thought that Kathryn had 'found' this vintage dress but was very surprised to read that she creats these dresses...Wonderful idea and such attention to the detail of that era! xo

  3. What an adorable print on that dress and my eyes widened as soon as I saw those shoes!!

  4. Those shoes are amazing and that dress is gorgeous.

  5. Ohh love the shoes and the dress, they'r so cutee! Visit my blog anf follow if u like http://trackersfashion.blogspot.com/! kiss kiss


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