In My Daydreams...

Back in May this year I posted about a vintage flower picking basket I purchased. In that post I also shared that I'm one to daydream about picking flowers in expansive cottage gardens, wildflower-laden meadows, and along sun-dappled woodland paths...

So when I saw this gorgeous Victorian Clark's Spool Cotton trade card on etsy, I had to buy it!

And you can have it too! Click on the card to enlarge it and right click and save it.

Find more vintage postcards from my collection that you can have in my Vintage Postcards for You section.

Until next time my dears..:)

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  1. I love that card!

    All of the period books I have read have made me long for flower picking in those kind of scenes, also. How lovely.

  2. I can imagine you doing that, Carla! It's a very sweet card ~ well found.

  3. What a lovely find Carla! No wonder you snapped it up ;o)
    Thank you for your lovely comments, I discover my blog is being taken over with hedgehogs! I'm going to get some wood and build a hoggie house (or two) for the garden and hope I get a resident to move in for its hibernation over winter - fingers crossed). The night temperatures are sinking to single figures now..I can hardly believe it's the first day of Autumn today!
    Take care.
    Rose H

  4. What a lovely card, thanks for sharing !
    Wish you a nice day,

  5. You know what would be really cool? If you could find holiday vintage cards for Halloween and Christmas...

  6. How delightful!! Inspires me to grab a basket this spring and wander around the garden!

  7. What a great find...thx for sharing!


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