Melanie is the owner of this enticing vintage and pre-loved fashion boutique located in Tacoma, USA, and she also has a fabulous vintage shop on etsy where I've purchased from, Vanity.

If you can't see what you're looking for in Melanie's etsy shop, Melanie says: There are thousands of unique items available in my physical shop, feel free to contact me!

Made from velveteen with French lace accents, this Gatesby glamalicious vintage 20's dress is currently for sale at Vanity on etsy.

Hope your week is going well all! :)

Photos 1 & 4 by Paul Uhl
Photo 2 by Kamieo Photography
Photo 5 by Simply Simons Photography

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  1. i love the green dress in the second picture! gorgeous! =)

  2. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment! Love your blog and following you back! XOXO Jessica

  3. Wonderful pieces!!! I love vintage! I've just visited the store and fell in love with everything. Feel like buying all the stuff!!!


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