Spring a Ding Ding!

As Spring has officially sprung here in Australia, I thought it would be fitting to feature some of my favourite vintage things that epitomise Spring!

I have a collection of mostly English ceramic vintage pomanders. Here are four from my collection. I purchased the first, third and fourth pomanders from English Preserves. The second one was a thrift shop find.

Ceramic pomanders each have a hole underneath where potpourri etc can be inserted, and also a number of holes on their tops and or sides allowing the fragrance to escape. I just add lavender essential oil to cotton wool balls and pop them inside my pomanders and refresh and replace as needed. I have them in various parts of my home. I'll show you more from my collection in the future.

Fabulous 50's Needlepoint handbag I purchased from Bottle Blonde Vintage.

Lavender sachet sweetly gifted to me by clever crafter Lisa from Rosamund. Lisa used a vintage handkerchief to create this lovely!

My dears, may the joy of Spring be in your hearts all year round!

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  1. What a lovely post for the first of Spring, Carla! Such sweet goodies. I'm so glad winter is technically over. {A warm one coming tomorrow, apparently!} Enjoy the rest of your week...

  2. Great finds. We're just entering Autumn over here but I still love spring beauties like yours.
    Love that bag.

  3. These pomanders used to be popular presents when I was a kid. They really are nice.... and the filler idea is great - pot pourri is not always easy to find.... but I've heard you can do your own.... have you ever tried that?

  4. Oh.... & I simply love that bag....

  5. hiya-
    when I was at our local fleamarket last week I bought a hug box FULL of someone's collection of pmanders, there's about 50!
    I've equipped myself with a big bag of dried lavender and some ribbons and I shall re-fill them in time for winter wardrobe scenting.

    Autumn approaches here just as you go into Spring, but i expect the temperatures are about the same?

  6. Love the bag! Its totally awesome!

  7. I'm so glad Spring has arrived for us..anything floral is fabulous..xx

  8. Hi
    I love the needlepoint bag, it is gorgeous and the heart made from the hankie is so pretty.
    Jo xx

  9. wonderful finds! I love the little purse! Happy Spring to you, Happy Fall to us!

  10. I have a few of those pomanders can't resist picking up the vintage ones when I see them they are so much prettier that the modern ones.

  11. Hi Carla,

    Love the pomanders and how sweet of you to mention the sachet! Since we are just entering Autumn and will soon be in the throes of winter, I will look forward to living vicariously through your spring. Enjoy the warm! Your Friend, Lisa

  12. I love your finds, the pomanders are divine.Spring is definately here! Pam


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