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With Valentines Day in mind I've decided to feature these endearing 'Heart Snippets' from the Wordz of Life etsy shop.

All 'Heart Snippets' at Wordz of Life are handmade with vintage cutter quilts. They can be personalised too. Find 'Heart Snippets' and more handmade sweetness at:

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  1. i love your sweet san valentine's hearts! i'm looking forward fo the san valentines day, i wil probably go to barcellona :)
    have a very sweet day!

  2. I love Jeanette's work at WordzofLife! I own several of her snippets, they're even more gorgeous in person!

  3. Jeanette's snippets are amazing! I bought two as gifts for Christmas, but ended up keeping one for myself because I couldn't part with it. :)
    Shannon @ Baruch's Lullaby

  4. I love Jeanette's work - especially her bookmarks. And who could resist vintage items anyway? Not me :)

  5. Those are so adorable!

    Thanks for sharing my SITS day with me!

  6. That's adorable. :) I love the patchwork look.


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