Retro Bird Designs

Meet Libby and Lucy by Retro Bird Designs. Aren't they just adorable? They have a Shirley Temple/Kewpie esque look about them.

Vintage inspired fabrics are used to make these dolls and the also adorable lavender scented Babushka dolls below.

Christmas is not far away... so I have to mention another great thing about all these dolls...their Christmas stocking popability (suitable for popping in Chrissy Stockings).

More vintage inspired handmade delights can be found at:


  1. OMG those lavender scented babushkas are awesome! Thanks for sharing these, they're really great!!

    :) T

  2. what a lovely items! i love your taste :)
    i very often make some shopping in beautiful vintage store in milan. it's a french store, named mistral. actually the stuf they sell is not vintage but styled-like-vintage. i need to take some pictures and send you:)
    wish you a sweet day!

  3. What lovely items! I'm not one that would be drawn to vintage but I am lovin' Libby and Lucy.

    dropping by from Sits

  4. They remind me of the Fabric dolls my Grandmother used to make for us when I was little! She used teddy bear designs and such, but these are much much cuter. Love em!

  5. Absolutely precious!

    Just stopping by to say hi from SITS. :)

  6. Cute! Stopping by to say hi. Have a terrific week.

    From SITS :D

  7. those are cute,we have a shopping area called King Richards that has tons of antiques,love going there to see what I can find.
    ur SITS sista!

  8. What absolute gorgeousness. Love, love, love.

    Visiting you from SITS--have a wonderful day!

  9. Cute.
    Visiting from SITS. Have a great day.



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